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Convex Mirror Products

Convex Mirror Products
Acrylic is the name synonymous with superior quality. Now Acrylic has moved into yet another field – wide angle vision SECURITY and SAFETY MIRRORS. A revolution in concept and creation. Acrylic convex security and safety mirrors offers the unique benefits of safety, lightness, durability and versatility. Acrylic convex security mirrors are manufactured locally, using proven overseas technology and is usually available ex stock.


Acrylic mirror is more break-resistant than traditional glass mirror of similar thickness.


Acrylic convex security and safety mirrors have a high resistance to the elements, a fact that is important when considering the extreme weather conditions experienced in South Africa.


Acrylic convex security and safety mirrors are easy to install, eliminating the need for special tools.

Freedom of Use

Acrylic convex security and safety mirrors can be used both internally or externally and are fitted with an universal mounting bracket. The versatile bracket can be installed on a pole or a wall and is easily adjusted for best vision.


Acrylic convex security and safety mirrors should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a clean chamois or soft cloth. The use of chlorinated solvents, acetone, petrol and similar solvent is not advised.


Developed to assist in ‘Blind-Spot surveillance’, acrylic convex security and safety mirrors give a vision angle in excess of 110deg. making them ideal for use in the following areas: Blind corners at road junctions, in garages or warehouses to improve driver awareness, in shops as anti-theft mirror against pilfering and general security where a wide angle of vision is a necessity. Help create a sense of security and safety when convex mirrors are seen in your premises.

Sizes and Packaging

Acrylic safety and security mirrors are available in sizes of 300, 450, 600, and 900mm diameter weighing approximately 2, 2.5, 3, and 6kg respectively. Mirrors are individually bubble wrapped and packed in boxes for protection during distribution.

Other products available:

  • Flat sheet acrylic mirrors
  • Under vehicle security search mirrors
  • Styrene mirrors
Please Note:

  1. Convex mirrors are supplied with a universal wall-mounting bracket.
  2. The under vehicle security mirror is supplied attached to a trolley with a 1000mm handle.
  3. Volume discounts are applicable to the above prices.
  4. All prices are subject to change without notification. Stocks are subject to confirmation at all times.
  5. All prices exclude VAT.
  6. Non standard colours, metallised and unmetallised hemispheres and flat sheet polystyrene mirrors are available on request.

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