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Acrylic Mirror Products

Mirror Products Acrylic Mirror offers unique benefits of versatility, durability, safety, lightness, ease of cutting and is a revolution in concept and design possibilities making it a space-age material that will last a life time.

Acrylic mirror has extensive internal and external uses from the simplest to the most sophisticated decor in signage, hotels, automotive industry, casino’s, shopping malls, restaurants, shops and displays.

Mirror Products Acrylic Mirrors are locally produced using proven technology, a superior grade of acrylic and a specifically formulated lacquer paint to protect the vaporized aluminum, ensuring the best quality mirror. The fact that Mirror Products is a local manufacturer enables them to supply their customers with the added benefits of stack availability, made to order, short lead times and local support.

The mirrors are surface clad and are individually wrapped to reduce scuffing or scratching during transporting, handling and installing.

Acrylic mirrors are lighter and more break resistant than traditional glass, it is cheaper and safer to transport, easier and safer to work with, acrylic mirror has a high resistance to the elements a fact that is particularly important when used in a varied climate like South Africa.

Mirror Size (mm) Mirror Colour
2050 x 1010 x 2mm Silver
2050 x 1010 x 3mm Silver

Please Note:

  1. Volume discounts are applicable to the above prices.
  2. All prices are subject to change without notification. Stocks are subject to confirmation at all times.
  3. All prices exclude VAT.
  4. Non standard colours, metallised and unmetallised hemispheres and flat sheet polystyrene mirrors are available on request.

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