Mirror Products cc would like to take this opportunity to introduce themselves as acrylic mirror specialists. Mirror Products cc was established early in 2001. Mirror Products cc is a local manufacturer of acrylic mirror products. Mirror Products cc specializes in the production of acrylic convex security/ safety mirrors.

Product: Convex security/ safety mirror.

Mirror sizes:




•900mm diameter mirrors

Material: Silver acrylic mirror used for the lens, more break resistant than glass

3.2mm Coated backing boards

Powder coated metal universal bracket suitable for both wall & pole mounting.

Rubber trim surround the circumference of the mirror making it suitable for any weather conditions.

Application: Internal and external applications. Assist in blind-spot surveillance.

Assist in giving a vision angle of an excess of 110 degrees.

Ideal use: Blind corners, driver awareness, warehousing, parking, general security.

Packaging: Individually bubble wrapped and packed in a box.

Availability Usually ex-stock, locally produced.

Maintenance: Clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Where to use it

Industrial and Commercial Areas

Building site Petrol chemical and steel mill, heavy industries in general

Food Industry Chemical Industry Industrial processing zones Mall and supermarkets Banks, Pubs ,

Mirror Products' Convex Security Mirrors Can Be Used In:













Transports and Logistics

Car parks Transit areas, Shipyard, Pit Airports Train stations Tube stations Bus stations

Ports Warehouses Logistics terminals

Road Safety Public and Private Institutions

Winding roads Seaside cities and villages Blind corners Secondary roads Parking Intersections and junctions

Roads with access to car parks, factories and commercial areas

Public and Private Institutions

Schools Hospitals Swimming pool Prisons Public offices Police and fire station Military bases

Flat Sheet Acrylic Mirrors and Styrene are used for